Facility Amenities

Our building is over 5,000 sq feet with a unique floor plan allowing for three gyms and several smaller individual therapy rooms. We also have a large front office and comfortable conference room. Our goal to consistently provide the highest quality therapy is enhanced by our building structure. It gives a wide range of options allowing us to cater to each child’s needs. We take pride in the warm atmosphere created by our excellent staff, our room murals and building decor.

ActionCare building front entrance

ActionCare Building - front entrance

ActionCare front lobby

ActionCare Building - front lobby

ActionCare therapy gymnasium

Therapy gymnasium

ActionCare gym - coordination training

Coordination training in the gymnasium

occupational therapy gym

Occupational therapy gym

the Tree Room

The Tree Room

the Ocean Room

The Ocean Room

Sandbox play area

Sandbox play area



Climbing gym

Climbing gym